Fire and passion on display at the Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro

Eruzione del Vesuvio in un'antica couaches

Fire and Passion”. This is the title of the exhibition will run until February 28 in the spaces of the Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro in Naples. Starring: Mount Vesuvius and the patron saint of Partenope. Two entities, a supernatural and natural, which have greatly influenced on the nature, the character and destiny of a people and an entire city.

A combination – as written by the writer Vittorio Paliotti – in which two poles were in opposition, but at the same time so supplemented, because when Vesuvius was calm, he pleaded San Gennaro to leave it, and when Vesuvius raged, it San Gennaro begged to calm him down”.

The exhibition, created in collaboration with the Vesuvius Observatory, combines some of the works of art that are part of the heritage of the first volcano observatory in the world built by King Ferdinando II di Borbone in 1841 just to study and monitor the most famous volcano in the world, to worship the patron saint of Naples.


In the path merge, in fact, science , art, technology, history and faith of Naples and of the territory, in a continuous change of the relationship that binds them to the volcano parallel to the progress of scientific and technological knowledge.

What better venue, then, the Museum of the Treasure to admire, along with works donated to San Gennaro over the centuries, fifteen old beautiful gouaches on the eruption of Vesuvius, antique survey instruments (like the first seismograph in the world of Luigi Palmieri), minerals and molds curious coinage made ​​from the lava? That’s why the show is titled “Fire and Passion”. The lava that dominates and covers the life and passion of a people for his patron saint. Two different but complementary souls an inseparable pair.