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Animali preistorici

Children’s curiosity has no limits. They have a thirst for knowledge. If then there involvement in an unreal world as it might be to prehistoric, then their attention is one hundred percent safe. These thirsty curiosity from 6 to 11 years has addressed the educational workshop organized by the Cultural Ediacara in collaboration with the Museum of Paleontology of the Museum Centre of Natural Sciences of Federico II of Naples.

A project that aims to discover young talent to some of the biggest news about the giants that millions of years ago roamed the land, swam in the seas and hovered in the sky. Every Monday from 16 to 17:30, the “jeunes etudiants” will find answers to questions like what was the food of these mammoth beasts, or what was the environment in which dinosaurs lived and Allosaurs or what was their hunting technique. In short, through a long series of news provided by way ‘of cartoons and science fiction movies, the kids can have their magical story.

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