Music and dance in salsa carioca in Naples with the feast of Capoeira


From tomorrow, Friday, May 8, to Sunday, May 10, the group of Capoeira Balanço do Mar of Giovanni Coraggio aka Professor Tatu organizes in Naples the annual international event of Capoeira, a fight-dance born in Brazil by the creativity of African slaves who, unable to use arms to fight for their freedom, disguised the practice and the exercise of their struggles with tribal music and dances in order to deceive their white masters. The three-day holiday in carioca sauce will host some of the most important masters of contemporary capoeira. This year will also celebrate 15 years of the group’s activities in Naples and province. There will be Brazilian masters from all over Italy: Mestre Pudim and Mestre Ratinho of the grupo Soluna, Rome (present throughout Italy), Mestre Zoi of group Zumbi (Sicily), Contramestre Aranha of grupo Beribazu (Veneto), Contramestre Mussa of Grupo Capoeira Soluna Oxossi (Sardinia). Other teachers of Naples who will participate as guests to the event are Professor Mala of grupo Senzala and Flavio, the head of grupo Semente do Jogo de Angola. Three days will be dedicated to the Brazilian culture, there will be lectures and rode capoeira, Afro-Brazilian music and parties but also a lot of sport, in fact in 1974, capoeira was officially recognized as the national sport of Brazil and soon began to spread to other countries. Capoeira, in his practice, is a physical activity and healthy economic inducing harmonious development of the entire body; also promotes proper development of personality, socialization in the group, facilitates the body expression and teaches to control the energy expressed by the participants. It starts with a roda on the waterfront Liberato. Events also scheduled on in Via Toledo, Piazza Dante, Coroglio and in Old Town.