Naples, the Overseas Exhibition comes the Sweeps Music Fest


Music player at Mostra d’Oltremare of Naples with the “Spazza Music Fest“, an event produced by the Forum of Cultures Naples and Campania, conceived and organized by Marta Totaro and entrusted to the artistic direction of Maurizio Capone “BungtBangt”. The festival of “free sounds“, scheduled for October 3, born from the desire to share and spread a message of “sustainable creativity” with the aim of increasing social awareness, especially in young people, in full compliance with (but also in enhancement and preservation) before the environmental heritage, arts and culture then. It starts in the morning with the initiative to clean up the environment of the space in front of the district fair of Fuorigrotta where recycled material collected will be useful for the Workshop “Riciclarte” in which the characters will be the same students of different educational institutions of the province of Naples who join the initiative environment, the Workshop and to follow the exhibition of the “Little Orchestra BungtBangt” percussion band formed by students of permanent laboratory created by Maurizio Capone in the Institute “Falcone-Catullo” in the neighborhood of 219 Pomigliano d’Arco. The event continues in the afternoon with the official presentation of the documentary “The patrols of Pastellessa” directed by Nicola Tranquillo, anthropological journey in the ancient folk Campania’s culture of the barrels and “bottari”, up to a night with the series of concerts that, using the musical language, themselves the objective of decline, enhancing it, issues of diversity, multiculturalism and eco-sustainability.