Naples, City of Science celebrating the birthday of Europe


City of Science celebrating the birthday of Europe with a program of events that will have as its theme the issues related to reception for migrants and knowledge as a tool to respond to the economic crisis and values ​​of recent years. At 65 years after the Schuman Declaration, the center of scientific Naples will celebrate next Saturday, May 9, Europe Day, confirming a tradition that is renewed for ten years. The novelty of 2015 is the involvement of associations and students. Three strands identified by the Idis foundation-City of Science, with the support of the Regional School: college, with projects thanks to European funds; The school, with a workshop that will bring together the Erasmus Neapolitans with foreign ones to discuss a new project of Europe; the company, focusing on the Horizon 2020 program and the opportunities for SMEs. Throughout the afternoon, it will be open free of the Science center destroyed by the March 4, 2013, and May 12 will be reopened on robotics lab dedicated to children, also damaged by fire and rebuilt thanks to donations coming from knowledge workers the FLC-CGIL.