Music and ancient traditions in Castel Sant ‘Elmo


Put a musician known throughout the world for the magic of his music, add us a beautiful location as the former medieval Castel Sant’elmo chest , close to the gentle hillsides of the vomero in Naples , and you will get a unique evening and special .
Wednesday, January 15th , the talented conductor Jordi Savall direct his group Esperion XXI, in concert ” Spirit of Armenia “ , in the halls of the auditorium of Castel Sant ‘Elmo .
The Association Alessandro Scarlatti , promoter of the event , gives appointment to all the music lovers and fans of symphonies across the Alps for a truly unmissable event .
It will be an opportunity not only to enjoy quality music but also to discover little-known musical instruments , such as the ” duduk “ , one of the oldest instruments Armenians , a symbol of national identity, the sound of which is close to the clarinet and the saxophone .Still, in the course of musical performance you will hear the melody produced by the
” kamantcha “ , a kind of ancestor of the violin with a round sound box .


The spirit of tradition combined with a strong historical identity as that of the Armenian people , will be the main themes of the meeting that was born from the need to enhance and promote the culture of belonging .
Cause heard in person by the Catalan musician , a great interpreter of the repertoire of melodic reference Renaissance and Baroque in 2013 awarded of the prestigious Echo Klassik, one of the most coveted awards in the field of classical music.

“Spirit of Armenia  at Castel Sant ‘Elmo”
Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 at 21:00 p.m.
Auditorium of Castel S. Elmo, via Tito Angelini, Naples
Ticket Price : 15 to 25 Euros , Youth : 8 Euro , Last minute: Euro 3 ( young people under the age of 25 , tickets go on sale one hour before the concert )
Contacts and information: Alessandro Scarlatti Association , Tel : 081 405637