Naples devotes to Totò the May of Monuments 2017

It will be dedicated to Toto on May of Monuments of 2017 and will be entitled "O May to Totò". In Naples, from April 28 to 4 June


At Prince De Curtis dedicated this year to the May of Monuments program. Naples then pays homage to the great Totò, Prince of laughter with a special tribute. To him, one of the unique characters of neapolitan culture as Eduardo De Filippo and Massimo Troisi and his great personality expression of the genius of being Neapolitan, will be dedicated and linked by wires all special event which will fall to be part of the program in 2017 the May of Monuments.

For over a month, just after the Easter holidays, Neapolitans and visitors to the city from everywhere, 28 april to 4 June, will not have to choose shows, events, tours, concerts and tourist routes studied and related to him unfailingly Toto, icon and only mask the real Neapolitan.

The City has launched so some days the appeal to all organizations and professionals working in the tourist industry who wish to participate in the program, select the events considered to be more related to the proposed theme. We therefore remain all awaiting the final program that the organization will communicate.