Sweets and museums, the guided tours of CampaniaArtecard circuit


Sweet Christmas“, an initiative of Campania>Artecard which combines guided visits to sites in the region and the history of the tasting sweets Christmas bells, presented with theatrical performances. After the first meeting at the Museum of San Martino and San Leucio struffoli in Caserta, Campania to the Sweet Christmas> Artecard offers the possibility in six other places, museums and sites, to take a guided tour with art historians and archaeologists, and a tasting “dramatized” the typical Christmas sweets of Campania.[charme-gallery]

For each monument is combined with a sweet, caring with scientific Fabrizio Mangoni, expert and inventor of the sweet Baba Vesuvio and Vesuvius Gay Odin. Next Museum of San Martino and San Leucio (already made), we will visit the Catacombs of San Gennaro and the Museum of Contemporary Art Madre, in Cimitile the early Christian basilicas, in Capri the Certosa of Saint Giacomo, in Sorrento the Museo Correale, in Ravello Villa Rufolo. For the appointment of Cimitile there is also a shuttle from Naples.[charme-gallery]

Fini to January 5, six other occasions to learn about history and masterpieces of our monuments and at the same time the rich flavors of traditional sweets bell. A special tour that ends with a tasting will be accompanied by theatrical performance Nunzia Schiano.
All information on www.campaniartecard.it or toll free 800 600 601.

The next appointments:
December 28 at 11 am
Certosa OF CAPRI AND Rococo ‘
Certosa di San Giacomo, Capri
The treasures embedded in the rock

December 29 at 11 am
Villa Rufolo and Zeppole of Sorrento and Amalfi
Villa Rufolo, Ravello
Joy on the Mediterranean

December 30 at 11 am
Catacombs of San Gennaro and wisdoms
Catacombs of San Gennaro, Naples
The rough surprises of matter

January 3 at 11 am
MUSEUM CORREALE and mostaccioli
Museo Correale di Terranova, Sorrento
Black diamond inlay from

January 4 at 11 am
Complex Paeocristiane basilicas, Cimitile
The origin of the symbol
(Shuttle from Naples, reservations required)

January 5 at 19 Grand Finale with special evening
Museum of Contemporary Art Madre, Naples
The absolute availability of the white