In Naples and Campania Christmas is celebrated with cakes and guided tours


Each region , from North to South of the boot , and honor the tradition of festivals with a typical sweet to bring to the table in the Christmas Eve dinner . But when you can feel the atmosphere of Christmas in Naples and Campania , then multiply the goodness in a blaze of multicolored flavors and aromas from the act extraordinary .

For the holiday season Made in Campania Artecard Partenope the association , with the help of expert scientific Scabec and care of sweet Fabrizio Mangoni, has developed a program really tasty for a final year of a thousand and one nights. To live in the enchanted places of the Terra  Felix combining the beauty of fabulous places to ecstasy of good taste.

Thanks to the ” Sweet Christmas “ , from 26th December to January 5, 2014 visitors , accompanied by art historians and experienced guides will make a stop in eight stations of taste combined with major historical sites and museums in Naples , Capri, Cimitile , Sorrento , Ravello and Caserta , enjoying , at the end of each performance , cakes and delicacies created by master confectioners with original recipes. All accompanied by the sketch of the talented theater actress Nunzia Schiano which will touch the “task” to explain, from time to time , the history of various delicacies served , the origin of their name and the recipes of the chefs .


An authentic taste tour , then. It will also provide an opportunity to tell the traditions of the Christmas holidays and curiosity as they are experienced in the various towns of the region , through the painting , the art of the crib and archaeological evidence .

It starts on Boxing Day with the first station in the most delicious of the trips. Meta, the ancient walls of the Museum of San Martino, the monumental complex which houses the famous ” Nativity Cuciniello ” with its riot of shops and plenty of food , a symbol of ” bonanza ” for the people of Naples . Almost automatically associate the baroque architecture that stands the majestic hill to struffoli plexus . Real triumph of the palate, but a few facts essential ingredients such as honey , flour and sugar , these beads (the original recipe says India and then came to Italy from Greece ) are the real gems of taste : taste minibombe who find their own desserts sublimation of the Earth Felix .


On December 27, we continue with the second stage of the ” grand tour ” at the time of the Real Belvedere di San Leucio (Caserta ), the place where the silk roads meet the taste of the East marzipan , one of the main components of the Paste Reali del divino amore , so called because they formerly produced by the monks .

Another day , another stage . Yet . On December 28, we jump on the island Riviera, directly in the precious medieval setting of the Certosa di San Giacomo in Capri to discover the unique taste of the Rococo , the sweet and angular shell whose surface sweet and compact rockery reminiscent of Le Corbusier.

The journey continues among the pearls of the Mediterranean on the shores of the Amalfi Coast , where sbarcaà December 29 , directly in the gardens of the beautiful Villa Rufolo in Ravello. Here you ‘ll have the typical Zeppole Sorrento and Amalfi captivated mind and taste buds of gourmets.


On December 30, the end of the year approaching , it’s time to get down into the belly of the underground city of Partenope , with a visit to the Catacombs of San Gennaro , where the mantle of tuff that surrounds the ancient underground corridors brings to mind the friability of the softer and flavored sweets , but perhaps the least known of the tradition : La Sapienza .

New year, new journey … again. From Naples you back into gear for the grand finale in January. On the horizon there is a real triplet of architectural goodness that awaits travelers . On January 3 , at the Museo Correale Sorrento is staged his majesty Mostacciolo padded , hard, crunchy , drawn by the excellent inlays drink of the Aztecs. On January 4, instead of early Christian basilicas in the beautiful complex of Cimitile , a stone’s throw from Nola , the legend lives on with the classic Egyptian Susamiello , delicacy shaped coil and the three variants : one reserved for the rich, one for the poor and the so-called good way.

Last station but not least , the Raffiolo , whose candor glassy and sweet goes well with the white walls of the Madre Museum in Naples on the walls stands the originality of the paintings by Mimmo Paladino.

” Sweet Christmas “ as reiterates the superintendent Fabrizio Vona , together with the director Rossana Muzzi , aims ” to promote the artistic heritage of Campania to be defended in the same way as the authentic artisan confectionery industry .”

“Combining cultural and gastronomic tradition allows you to promote and develop together our two great assets – said Franco Tumino , CEO of Scabec implementing the project Artecard – we are very pleased with this initiative , which will be revived in other periods of ‘ year with other seasonal specialties . “

” The Sweet Christmas “

26 December 2013-5 January 2014

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