In Naples after suspended coffee comes the ice cream suspended


After suspended coffee  arrives “suspended ice cream”: the first ice-cream shop that adheres to is on the Corso Campano in Giugliano populous municipality in the province of Naples. As well as it provides for the ancient traditional Neapolitan coffee, even for ice cream can now consume one and leave another paid to someone in need. “Now with the ice cream you can do the same – tell the Regional Council of Campania Francesco Emilio Borrelli and radio host Gianni Simioli – take an ice cream and pay only two; the second will be for the first family in economic difficulties that will enter the store asking if there is an ice pending “. The ice-cream shop Gelé, they know Borrelli and Simioli, – it is the first that adheres to the National Association Salvamamme “Leave paid to a child an ice cream.” The idea was launched by the website will begin on July 31 and will end on August 31. Ice cream parlors members will prepare a transparent vase in which those who want to, can put the offer for ice cream “suspended”. The ice cream, then, will issue a regular receipt upon delivery of ice cream to the family who will require.