Gardens in celebration for the nymphs of the forest


The historic center of Naples is tinged with green .
Kicks off the “Tree Day”, a series of meetings sponsored by the Royal Botanical Gardens of Naples, in collaboration with the University Federico II (from tomorrow  Thursday 21 November up to 24 november), in its third edition , to promote environmental protection of the rural heritage of Partenope .
The event will take place in the spaces of the Garden of Foria and among the trees of the forest of Capodimonte. The program includes educational activities for children , flea markets of genuine products , themed tours and gardening workshops. All wrapped enchanted by the atmosphere of the mythological creatures of the woods : the Hamadryads , devoted and faithful lilies of the trees. For younger visitors who want to immerse themselves in their enchanted world,Thursday, 21 November  is scheduled a guided tour through ” The Path of Hamadryads ” to discover the secrets of the Garden.


There is also space for creativity Friday 22 , with the landscape design course “Architecture of the trees and landscape design ” held by painter and illustrator Lorenzo Dotti aspiring artists that will lead to the discovery of various ranges of colors.
The journey into the world of the arts will continue with performances by dance on Sunday 24th . It starts at noon with “Africa: The Dark Continent ” , edited by the ‘ ASD Kodokan Sports sospingersi Naples and then to dance step up to the Porta di Mezzo Real Bosco di Capodimonte where to 10.30 , directed by Guido Liotti the sinuous dancers will perform the show of drama, music and dance “Do dryads and … other presences in the woods , “presented by the” gaze that turns” .


Always at the foot of the hill of Capodimonte , yoga sessions will also be held with Gino Samson , owner of Integral Yoga School of Naples. In conjunction with the thick book of events , there are also demonstrations in favor of cultural integration , thanks to the initiative of solidarity promoted by Legambiente Naples and the Hill Dear involving the planting of the ” trees of welcome” , the symbol of fight for the rights of children born in Italy to foreign parents who can not enjoy the citizenry.

“Festa dell’Albero 2013” III edition , 21-24 November 2013 Naples
Real Orto Botanico, Naples via Foria 192 – Parco di Capodimonte , Naples Via Miano 4
For the program : – www.visitcapodimonte.comInfo:
Mrs.Manuela De Matteis Tortora tel: 081/2533922