Giordano Bruno, so Naples remembers him


It was February 17, 1600 , and since that date has become known to fans of history and philosophy as the day on which Giordano Bruno was burned alive in Roman square of Campo de ‘Fiori, accused of heresy by the Holy Inquisition of the Catholic Church.
To his ideas that have revolutionized the world of theology and politics, and his figure who always passionate about and at the same time divides public opinion, is dedicated the conference which will be held this evening in the room of the Barons of Maschio Angioino in Naples, on the occasion of the 414 anniversary of the death of the philosopher of Nola.

The event “Giordano Bruno in the hermetic tradition Neapolitan” promoted from Asci, the Association of School and Italian Cinema by the association Cervo bianco, with the patronage of the Municipality of Naples, is part of a wider project to revive in the modern Bruno’s thought , as a starting point for the development of the artistic and cultural heritage of the city of Partenope.


Recall that the scholar , a native of the city of lilies ,had with the capital of Campania a strong bond. He lived and studied in their halls of the complex of San Domenico Maggiore, where little more than seventeen years old , he entered as a novice taking the name of Giordano.
From then on, he had the opportunity to know and at the same time doubt the dogmatic doctrines taught by the masters Dominicans.
This and much more is told in the documentary film Afro de Falco: “Giordano Bruno e i Rosacruciani” which will be offered during the evening .
In particular, the drops of the documentary, linger at a time when the fortunes of the thinker counter are intertwined with those of the legendary German secret order of the Rosy Cross, in which it seems that these belonged to.

A demonstration of the alleged link , there is a manuscript preserved in the ancient collection of the National Library of Naples , where we can trace the influences of the teutonic doctrine on philosophical and existential movement of Giordano Bruno.

“Giordano Bruno in the hermetic tradition Neapolitan “
Monday, February 17 , 16.00/20.00 p.m.
Sala dei Baroni, Maschio Angioino, Naples