The history of Naples lives underground


Pack your bags . Powers of observation , curiosity and a bit of imagination , you got everything you need for a trip to the underground tunnels of Naples this weekend before Christmas . The first leg is scheduled for Friday, December 20 starting from 22.30 , to descend into the secret cavities of the Museo del Sottosuolo and discover ” The Faces of Naples “ The evening event organized by Cettina Celati , includes performances of Naples Street Artists. They are street performers, jugglers, fire lance , gymnasts , musicians and singers are ready to enchant the audience with their acrobatic performances and moments of dance, fashion and theater.


The show multifactorial take shape in the former anti-aircraft shelter Piazza Cavour , will participate in an exceptional artist ‘s pictorial view of Campania. It’s Andrea Petrone , champion of the Italian ritrattismo and best known for the caricatures depicting Toto, on display with 10 of his works features. All accompanied by wine tasting, served in glass goblets by sommelier and tantalizing culinary whims .
The tour continues with the Naples underground “Noi Vivi” , the representation scheduled Sunday, December 22 starting at 19 between the walls of the historic Tunnel Borbonico of Naples. Promoter of the event, together with the organization that manages the Tunnel, is the Association Nartea that offers a fascinating touring show , which will catapult the audience in the dramatic era of the Second World War.

The idea of staging is born from the need to remember the sensitive areas crossed by the city during the years of the last conflict , in particular the months leading up to The Four Days of Naples. One way to keep the memories alive , while preserving the spirit of vitality right of the people of Naples, who has never lost hope of rising to the surface and see , finally, the light at the end of the tunnel.

” The Faces of Naples”
Friday, December 20, 2013 , 22:30
Underground Museum of Naples, Piazza Cavour 140
Reservations by mail:

“Noi Vivi”
Sunday, December 22, 2013 , shows : 19:00 and 21:00
” Bourbon Tunnel ” , Vico del Grottone 4 Napoli
Reservations required at : 3397020849 or 3346227785