Smart… restart for Città della Scienza


Science City second act . The countdown for the reopening of the multipurpose center in Bagnoli has ended. This evening, the Neapolitan scientific center of excellence opens its doors to the public with the XXVII edition of “Remote Future 2013”.In the aftermath of arson in the night between the 4th and 5th March knelt Science City , the museum celebrates the rebirth, at the presence of Vittorio Silvestrini , president of Fondazione Idis , the mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris and President of regione Campania Stefano Caldoro.

Thanks also to the proceeds came from crowdfunding web campaign for the reconstruction of the premises destroyed by fire, the ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place in provisional spaces of the cultural center , a symbol of the rebirth of the scientific community “Made in Naples”.[charme-gallery]

Science City then gets back into gear , with an invitation to all who support the cultural heart of Bagnoli , to believe in the development of a “thinking” city that uses the brain. Mind and intellect will be the protagonists of the opening layman’s exhibition “Brain”, held in more than 2,500 square meters of exhibition (sea side) , produced with the assistance of the National Institute of Scientific Healthstatunitense , the Society for Neurosciences and the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives .

Visitors will be conducted on a virtual journey to discover human brain through evocative sensory pathways . The route is developed in six sections with the use of installations, games and movies aimed at revealing the many functions of the main human organ: the role of memory to diseases, from the spaces of reasoning to emotions.[charme-gallery]

For the little ones and for lovers of the genre, there will be a special section : “Brain Games” , sponsored by the Museum of Vigamus Game of Rome, dedicated to video games and their interaction with the dynamics of the logical- rational mind.There will be Alessandro Cecchi Paone, to act as cicerone, the scientific and artistic director of the events included in the exhibition “Brain” .

And from the depths of the brain, the journey continues to touch the transoceanic destinations with an exhibition that comes directly from Australia : “Puppies and Dinosaurs eggs” in Hall Marie Curie space.

In calendar events until Sunday 17 November, pending the signing between the government and institutions which should take place by the end of November, for the reconstruction and completion of the structure with an investment of 45 million, of which 22 are to be borne by IDIS (flanked by the financial support of the region and the government). And as for the places of the restructuring, Silvestrini states: “We will rebuild where it was”, as the museum will be rebuilt where it stood before the attack , but leaving free the coastline for the public.

“Remote Future 2013” XXVII edition, from 7 november 2013

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