Zeppole and panzarotti in Piazza del Gesù with the “Strit” Food Festival

frittura all'italiana

Zeppole and panzarotti in Piazza del Gesù with the “Strit” Food Festival“. “Strit”, exactly. You read that right. Written just like: Neapolitan language. Is certainly among the tastiest events to which you may participate in this remnant of 2014. An ode to those “whims” to eat all strictly “made in Naples.” From pizza to the portfolio until the dogma of the real “street food”, yes street food (this time is written in English!). And that is: panzarotti, pastas grown (the zeppole), bagels and pepper suet typical kiosks of waterfront Mergellina. And not end here? How about ‘or coppetiello full of fried anchovies or tripe oil and lemon? Succulent delicacies that can not miss the call.

Well, believe it: all this is just a taste to make you imagine what will happen in the event that is scheduled in 2015. The festival of food tour which aims to collect in one place all the culinary offerings of the city on wheels, is expected in fact, for the next spring on the Waterfront of Partenope, but the tasty preview of “Napoli Strit Food Festival” will open its doors, or more properly turn off the … their engines on the night between 13 and December 14. In fact, this year the meeting of the “food tour” was inserted inside the event “Night of Art 2014“, the great white night in 2014 that, in its third year, will animate the historic center of Naples. Appointment, therefore, to the streets of Jesus on the night of the next weekend (13-14 December). Write down the date in your diary then. And beware: go well then fasts to taste everything. Good… “Strit” Food at all!