Four events of art and history to discover Naples


In Naples weekend full of appointments with the culture and history.
The Association of Royal Sites , always at the forefront of the revival of the south and its famous landmarks , is promoting interesting thematic itineraries , designed to satisfy the most varied preferences .
It starts in the morning with a visit to one of the most fascinating places of the city, the State Archives of Naples , the cornerstone of the artistic heritage of Southern Italy .
Visitors will be given the opportunity to walk the halls of the ancient site of the Napoleonic era , today housed in the cloisters of the church of Saints Severino and Sossio in the historic center of the city.

During the tour is scheduled the valuable support of the staff of the historic institution , starting from the first floor of the monumental building .
There, patrons can admire the Hall inhabited by Torquato Tasso, and then continue with the discovery of monumental halls including the Atrium of the Plane tree, the oldest part of the monastery complex dating from the ninth century and frescoed by Antonio Solario and depicting stories the life of St. Benedict .
The tour will end between the shelves and the furniture of the room  Catasti, room of the Chapter, and the Hall Filangieri , painted by Belisario Corenzio in the early seventeenth century.


Still, after a rich taste of an important slice of Neapolitan history , the tour continues with evocative references to the religious tradition of Naples , in the course of the
” Piazza Mercato between faith and revolution , visit to the Church of  Carmine Maggiore”
The starting point is the historic Piazza Mercato , with its ancient buildings , its historic walls , was the scene of an event as memorable as the famous popular revolution happened by Masaniello in 1647.
In the wake of the events of intoxication so important , you have to stop at the Basilica del Carmine Maggiore, one of the largest and most beautiful in the city , dating from the thirteenth century , an extraordinary example of the Neapolitan Baroque , which displays works by Luca Giordano , Paolo De Matteis , Francesco Solimena.
But ithe tour doesn’t end here,  in the afternoon is provided by an attractive promenade toledo, with a stop at the Baroque Church of St. Nicola alla Carità , works inside the paintings of great artists like Solimena and De Mura , as well as a magnificent crib  set up in the  hypogeum of  the church and consists of an impressive collection of three hundred pastors self-propelled, by Neapolitan craftsmen of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


With the eyes still filled with wonder for specimens of art just covered , it pushes us to Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano , a building that represents the cutting edge of architecture seventeenth century and which houses one of the last works of Caravaggio‘s
“The Martyrdom of Sainte Orsola “ , made shortly before his death.

Also among the magnificent halls of the palace, there are also works from the collection Intesa San Paolo , which enrich the halls of the first floor of the palace.
Finally, it closes with a flourish Sunday 11 January, with the appointment ” Amazing Art”.
A brief excursus through four centuries of history , including the Baroque church of the church of Donna Regina Nuova and the wealth of religious and artistic testimonies , from the Diocesan Museum.

“Visit to the State Archives of Naples”
Saturday, January 11, 2014 , meeting at 10:00 in the Great Square of Archives, at the Fountain of Sellaria , Naples
Free tour with reservations required at : 081 / 6336763 , 392/2863436 , ,

” Piazza Mercato between faith and revolution “
Saturday, January 11, 2014 , meeting at 11:15 at the entrance of the Basilica del Carmine Maggiore in Naples
Organizational contribution : € 5.00 to € 4.00 Royal Sites members , info and reservations 081/6336763-392/2863436

” Walking in Toledo “
Saturday, January 11, 2014 , meeting at 16:15 in front of the church of St. Nicholas to Charity , Via Toledo , Naples
Organizational contribution Adults : € 9.00 , associates : € 8.00 , Children under 14 years free of charge , between 14 and 18 years : € 3.00
Reservations required : 081 / 6336763-3922863436 –

” Wonders of Art”
Sunday, January 12, 2014 , 10:30 appointment in Largo Donna Regina , Naples
organizational contribution € 8.00 adults , € 7.00 members , children under 18 years € 4.00
The contribution is inclusive of entrance ticket to the Diocesan Museum
Reservations : 081 / 6336763 – 392/2863436 –