In the Neapolitan Crater of Astroni the exhibition Dinosaurs in flesh. From march 4th to 5th november.

Finally he arrives in Naples "Dinosaurs in the flesh", the exhibition in the Oasis WWF Nature Astroni starring the legendary prehistoric animals in natural size.



Natural Oasis WWF and dinosaurs, never pairing was more suitable. From march 4 to 5 november, over six kilometers of trail in the Astroni Crater of Naples will be made to measure the stage of forty extinct animals dawn of time, including famous dinosaurs like T-rex and the giant Diplodocus .
All this will be Dinosaurs in the flesh, the shows nature in Astroni Crater where, thanks to the GeoModel organization, with the collaboration of WWF Oasis and the promotion of the Association Paleontological APPI, you can discover why the dinosaurs went extinct, and also include the dynamic evolutionary adaptation-extinction and need to reflect that even today in the approach of man to nature.
The exhibition event in prehistoric theme that the increasing success throughout Italy has turned into a veritable cult, then finally landed in Naples for a few months.
“Focusing on a spectacular setting in a spectacular setting, we want to engage visitors with a quality entertainment, stirring them to science, paleontology and history of life in all its forms,” says one of the curators, Simon Maganugo, paleontologist recognized level international.
The exhibition will be open on Friday afternoon from 14.00 to 18.30 (with closure of the ticket office at 16.30). Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9.00 to 18.30 (with closure of the ticket at 16.30). It is open every day for groups and schools but the reservation number 081/189 096 84 is required.
Finally Fabrizio Canon, Director of the Nature Reserve WWF Oasis Astroni Crater, was keen to emphasize that he strongly supported this event because, for young and old guests, so realistic look of dinosaurs in a volcanic crater so wild generate truly unique suggestions.

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Whole – from 18 to 65 years: € 10.00
Schools and groups: € 8.00 Entrance and guided tour, € 10.00 entrance with guided tour and educational workshop

Reduced – from 4 to 18 years, over 65, family members, accompanying persons with disabilities: € 7.00

special reduced – WWF members and A.P.P.I .: € 4.00

Tribute – Children under 4 years old and disabled: € 0.00