Inside San Giovanni Maggiore, world music of OMM

basilica san giovanni maggiore

Albania, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Liberia, Senegal, Romania, Malta and, of course, Italy. Are just some of the countries of origin of virtuous artists that make up the OMM or the Multicultural Orchestra Mediterranea, that Saturday, February 7, starting at 20:30 , will be performing in the Basilica of San Giovanni Maggiore in Naples (entry 5 euro). A picturesque location, well suited to the music of the southern hemisphere that characterize the repertoire of OMM born from the encounter with the association of social promotion “Garibaldi 101”, during the emergency North Africa, as a laboratory and engaged in social project anti-racism awareness, and then become in effect a true musical project characterized by the meeting of the formal tools of the Western tradition with the voices and sounds of the south. Naples, therefore, a crossroads of different cultures can express themselves through language plural and universal music, but also background on which meet musicians of different origins and cultural traditions. Musicians are musicians who go and give a nomadic character that keeps the composition of the orchestra, however, the main objective of giving voice and sounds to the fight against discrimination and abuse often faced by those who migrate from one land to other.