In the cathedral of Calvi Risorta, a live in “Dimensione d-Uomo”

luca rossi

Music, tastings and tours. Saturday, February 21, the Romanesque Cathedral of San Casto Calvi Risorta, in the province of Caserta, will be the setting for “Dimensione D-Uomo”, the new show of the artist Luca Rossi. A live, with free admission, suspended between music and theater that brings back the sounds of popular tammorre to the rhythms of the local tradition, the intimacy between collection of the basilica, which gives way to moments of celebration. Off at 18.30, with the striking formation in quartet, which will see Luca Rossi (tammorre and vocals), Pietro Cioffi (piano), Michele Signore (mandolin and violin), Pasquale Ziccardi (bass, guitar and vocals) and Francesca “Cicchinella” di Giovanni (lead vocals), develop a sound path through prayer popular trying to link the past and the future through new interpretations and the introduction of the original elements. Among the objectives of the initiative, the enhancement of the archaeological site of Cales and the Romanesque Cathedral, the area that for more than a year to see the work the network of associations ArcheoCales committed to make available and visited the archaeological site. In the lineup, in fact, not only the impressive concert, but also guided tours and the opportunity to learn about and enjoy the products of our land. The program also includes: 15.30, meeting at the Cathedral for the visit to the archaeological site of the Roman period; 17.30 guided tour of the church and the crypt and 18, a buffet of products grown on the property expropriated from the Camorra.