New work coming to “Novecento in Naples”

contenitori - teatrino in box

A new, important work will go this afternoon (March 12) to embellish the Twentieth Century Museum of Castel Sant’Elmo, that overlooks the entire city of Naples. For the occasion, at 17, for “Thursday contemporaries”, with free admission, edited by Angela Tecce, “Containers (Teatrino in Box)” by Salvatore Paladino will add to the exclusive collection of the gallery. The event, now fixed rendez-vous for artists, critics, curators and journalists, who here tell their own way of seeing and experiencing contemporary art, will take part, among others Paladino himself and Mariantonietta Picone Petrusa.

The donation of the work of 1969-1971 will therefore be an opportunity to meet the artist and go over with him the milestones of his career.

Belonging to the group of artists who have been part of the second wave of the Group 58, Paladino has the merit of combining the objectivity of derivation pop with the concept of “open work” developed by Umberto Eco in 1962 in a fundamental text that conditioned the poetics of many Italian intellectuals of that historical period.

His works, based on a logic playful, enroll in a fantasy universe that often came into line with some of our most interesting poets, by Edoardo Sanguineti Mario Lunetta, creating to the original artist’s books. However, what distinguishes his personality is the systematic nature of his research as a premise of a refined “clean lines”, which kept him away from any possibility of drift trash.