“Today Fish Fest” at Science City

oggi pesce fest

Do you know what an anchovy? And that there are very specific rules for the bluefin tuna fishery? Well, if December 12 to 14, take a trip to Science City at Bagnoli (Naples), the sea and its jewels, for you will have no more secrets. It is here, in fact, that will take shape “Today Fish Fest”, organized by the Agriculture, Forestry, Hunting and Fishing of the Campania Region. An event, with free admission, which aims to promote the consumption of fishery products and aquaculture, with a focus on local species and bluefish. Today, Friday 12, provided, among other things, the opening of the Show Gnam Sea and educational workshops with theater animations. Saturday 13, the day full of surprises among lab, theater, wine tasting and preparation of a real fair catch. The aim of the initiative: to inform, with a different approach, the peculiarities of the fish and the various possibilities to make it palatable to all palates. The fishermen present will interact with the boys illustrating the noble origins of their craft, while families will be involved in the tasting seafood delicacies to discover popular bell. In the afternoon, Fish Factor, competition for the hotel schools, focused on the preparation of a dish innovative, creative and tasty made with local seafood. Sunday, December 14, grand finale, including educational and recreational activities for children and families, theater and performance, dedicated of course, the subject of fishing.

For info: 081 2301614