“One night for Africa” at the Art Gallery Reabitat

Samia di Giuseppe Klain

Will the Dark Continent the star of the event scheduled for tomorrow evening (Friday, December 19) to “Reabitat Art Gallery” of Rione Sirignano 3 in Naples, where, starting from 20, will take shape “One night for Africa”, carried in collaboration with Unicef Campania.

For the occasion, an intense portrait of Samia – young athlete Somali disappeared in the waters of Lampedusa chasing freedom and the dream of winning the Olympics – signed by Giuseppe Klain, will be sold and the entire proceeds will go to support “Emergency Ebola”, Unicef campaign that provides psychological support, medical care and welcome to African children traumatized and physically vulnerable.

During the event, will be granted for the same cause also other works of “Africa Landscape”, among 60 of the exhibition “Painting GK”, first solo artist in Naples, opened to great acclaim from audiences and critics a few days ago. You can also do spontaneous offerings buying gadgets Unicef ​​and photographs of work “Africa mood”. Will mark the rhythm of the evening, the group Africa Jazz, and from 23, dj set by Stefano Romano. Also provided readings from the book “Non dirmi che hai paura” by Giuseppe Catozzella (Feltrinelli), which traces the epic life of Samia.