In the Palapartenope of Naples three hundred pizzaioli in the race for a pizza record


Three hundred “pizzaioli” makers from all over the world will manipulate, launch and open a packet of 400 grams to get a large pizza at least 31 centimeters. Or at least we try. Objective? Enter the Guinness Book of Records as the largest number of people to have been able to launch and operate a loaf of pizza. And ‘This is the mega-event and spectacular gastronomic he’s working Claudio Ospite, president of the National Institute of pizza (Inp non-profit organization) and vice-president of the association “Regina Margherita“. All eyes, then, on Palapartenope of Naples (via Barbagallo, 115) when on 15 and 16 September, as part of the review Cibus Campania Felix, 300 pizza try never managed a company before, tossing and then work all those with a small loaf of pizza. To get into the story it takes skill, coolness and a lot of love for a signature dish of Mediterranean cuisine. A challenge choral shots of flour, salt, yeast that surely will win the taste.

They can participate in the record attempt “Guinness World Records™” pizza makers who are at least 16 years are able to manipulate, launch and open a packet of approximately 400 grams yeast, prepared by the organizers. For more information and to read the rules and see the sites or watch the promotional video on Youtube. The pizza makers who want groped the company and enter the Guinness Book of World Records have until 31 July 2014 to enroll by paying a fee of 120 Euros which entitles you to a personalized badge, a kit clothing (hat, shirt, scarf, apron, while pants and white shoes are borne by the participants), the diploma and customized by Guinness world Records limited, a medallion personalized Guinness world Records ™, a handbag with logo Guinness world Records™, dVD and CD of the event.

In the two days of September will be held four rounds of record attempts before the official scheduled for Tuesday 16 at 19 pm will be followed by a musical cabaret. Tasting of typical products from Campania in 22 stands throughout the show to demonstrate that Campania is primarily culinary excellence and not just Land of Fires.

The association “Regina Margherita” is not new to these record attempts. Ten years ago, in September 2004 at the Pizza World, had tried making a pizza margherita with a diameter of 5.19 meters, stretching from a single stick of the total weight of about 142 pounds and baked in an oven, built for the ‘at an inner diameter of 6.70 meters, with an access port to 5.50 meters. To achieve that, it took 38.6 pounds of flour, tomato 22.5, 32.2 buffalo mozzarella, 25 liters of water, 2.5 of extra virgin olive oil and of course, yeast, salt and basil.

“Participating in the Guinness Book of Records – Ospite say – is an opportunity for us to let the world know playful goodness of the pizza margherita pizza and professionalism of the many who celebrate it every day using only the best food products from Campania.”

Guinness World Records™
Greater number of people to throw a ball of pizza
15 and 16 September 2014
Palapartenope via Barbagallo, 115 – Naples
Registration deadline July 31, 2014
info: 334.5615382 and 331.4259224
Mail: and