The ancient parked lives at the Palazzo Venezia

Posteggiatori Tristi

The ancient parked lives in Naples thanks to the performance of “Sad posteggiatore” who will perform tomorrow, starting at 21, in the elegant spaces of Palazzo Venezia. The group’s name seems to evoke sadness, yet the way they reproduce the music that the old masters were playing valets, at one time, around squares, taverns and clubs of all kinds, give a smile to the listener.

Formed by a group of elements pokerissimo, musicians and actors at the same time, the valets have Sad expression comical and clownish music its strength. Already winners of Carosone, in their first album “And nothing will change” revised and “corrected” the Neapolitan song, creating a contemporary twist parked able to play with the classics through daring interpretations of comic theater. A typical melody which combines various musical influences.

The appointment with the performances of the “sad posteggiatore” is therefore scheduled for tomorrow evening, in the spaces of the building at the time of the Kingdom of Naples housed the consular post of the Republic of Venice. The guests, as well as enjoy the “parked” and a pleasant aperitif, will also have the opportunity to take a guided tour to the halls of the historic building in Via Benedetto Croce. And ‘reservations are recommended.