Santa Barbara Caserta celebrates “ciucciarielli”

Palio degli asini

The donkey. Faithful and humble servant of the man in the hard work in the fields. From prehistoric times until the times of the cave of Nazareth. This time, however, there is no land to plow or firm to drag. But a three-day festival entirely dedicated to them. There is a village, in fact, who will devote his full attention to the cutest of quadrupeds. It is Santa Barbara. And it is here that the donkeys surge to take center stage, thanks to the traditional “Donkey Race” now in its sixth edition. The event is scheduled for the weekend, 12 to 14 September in the town that lies on the slopes of Mount Tifata. There, in Terra di Lavoro. Where on Peutingeriana, the Roman road map dating from the fourth century after Christ, the story tells us that the Carthaginian general Hannibal in his path between Samnium and Campania, settled camps of their own troops.

This time, instead of warriors punish, there will be flag-wavers to accompany a procession composed of “ciucciarielli.” The same donkeys which then will also attend the prize, challenging each other in a friendly “joust”. Will be held in conjunction vintage games such as tug of war, or the old, but always present sack race. And again, the space-paced race of the wheelbarrow. The area of ​​the prize will be accompanied by rich stands of local products with which you then will delight the palate of all those present. The most important event is, however, for the 17.30 Sunday 13 September, with the start of the donkey race. Put it on your calendar. And please: do not miss !!

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