Pope Francis will visit Naples to 21 March 2015

Papa Francesco

Papa Francesco will travel Napoli to 21 March 2015. The confirmation came this morning, Cardinal and Archbishop of Naples Crescenzio Sepe during the ceremony that has seen repeated the event of liquefaction of the blood of San Gennaro. The Pope will begin his visit from the periphery of the city of Naples, where it will stop with some representatives of the world of work and culture. You will meet with representatives of the local clergy before the visit to the Cathedral of Naples to venerate the relics of the patron saint. In Naples, Pope Bergoglio will share the room with some of the detainees and then meet with the sick. In the afternoon, after his meeting with the young people and the laity, the visit will conclude with a Mass at 17 “In Naples there is a hunger for God,” said Cardinal Sepe during his homily. “There is hunger for bread and justice, hope and future and also hunger for jobs, legality and planning,” he added.