All competing for Catering – The passion that unites

villa lucrezio

Its not often you see brought together many professionals working in the restaurant world. To succeed in this “little miracle” was the Association of Professional Chefs Province of Naples, headed by chef Fabio Ometo, that Monday, February 2 at the beautiful structure posillipina Villa Lucretius Naples will bring together several associations to create the First Trophy “Catering – The passion that unites. ”

Starting from 11.00 two parallel competitions will feature six chefs of ACPI, Italian, 6 barman Italian Barmen and Supporters Association and the Italian Federation Barman, as well as 6 maitre Association Maitres Italian Restaurants and Hotels and, finally, three of the Italian Sommelier sommelier).

A judge will be two juries, both composed of engineers and trade journalists. Two juries because a judge the dishes 6 chefs, each of which is paired with a barman that instead, propose a cocktail combined with the dish cooked by his teammate. The other jury will have so much to do. Judge in fact, combined with 6 maitre sommelier, who will be only three (each sommelier will pairings with wine or beer and water for two maitre). At the end of the festival of taste, will then be awarded the top three finishers in each race.

The event will continue in the evening with a gala dinner open to the public by the Association of Professional Chefs Team Province of Naples (by reservation only). During the evening, which will also see the presence of the Association Le Fate of Arianna non-profit organization, will be awarded to the winners of the trophy “Catering – The passion that unites.”

This is the program of the day and the menu for the gala dinner:

11.00 Trophy “Catering – The passion that unites”
Chef, Maitre, Bartender and Sommelier compared in an enthralling competition
Free admission

20.30 Grand Gala
Developed by Team Association of Professional Chefs Province of Naples
Admission by reservation only


Sfizioserie and delicacies bells
Ravioli stuffed with potatoes and fish sauce to shellfish
Bean swamp with zucchini, bacon and spicy Provolone del Monaco
Caserta black pig with herbs cooked at low temperature in Aglianico sauce
Flan friarielli to “Cerasiello”
Bavarian baba and milk chocolate with limoncello sauce

Wines and Liquors
Luis Collection Brut Franciacorta DOCG The Two Oaks
Asprinio d’Aversa Vsq Quartum Cantine Di Criscio
Piedirosso Campi Flegrei Doc Cantine Farro
Ancient Spirits Distillery Petrone

Info and reservations:

Villa Lucrezio
Via Lucretius 40 – Naples
Tel.+ 39.081 5752013