Pearls cocoa on display at Massa di Somma


Show cooking, tastings, classes and chocolate cake design: new plan for the second edition of Chocolate Day, the great feast of homemade chocolate cake and design, held in Massa di Somma (Naples) Sunday, March 17, in beautiful setting of Villa Egea. An event organized by the Cultural “Hobbisti Millemani”, who collected tasty creations of artisans and chocolate cake designer bells and a full program of events not to be missed. Participants will include pastry, cake designer, chocolatiers and companies that produce materials for the processing of sweets. The stations will be accessible from 10 am to 22 (free admission).

Chocolate Day

Via Vicinale Santa

80040 Massa di Somma (Na)

tel. +39.081.5742323 [charme-gallery]