Pompeii, Franceschini inaugurates renovated Villa of the Mysteries


The Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini, has symbolically cut the ribbon for the reopening of the Villa dei Misteri in completion of restorations of the domus of the Ruins of Pompei started in March 2013. Today, Villa dei Misteri reopens to the public after five months of total closure. The last restoration work began last November. At the opening there are dozens of reporters and numerous representatives of the foreign press to confirm the great importance that there is around the Ruins of Pompeii. “Today, is a very important day – said Franceschini – back to the world Villa dei Misteri. We look back on a period of intense work. The work of restoration and’ ended very well, we received compliments by inspectors of Unesco. The world looks with meticulous attention to everything that happens in Pompeii and we are here today to show our commitment to one of the sites most’ important in the world”, said the minister. Franceschini is entertaining with reporters in the Hall of Misteri, the room more important in terms of art and history, where are preserved frescoes more precious of the house.