Pompeii becomes a game to the App Store


And ‘Pompeii before the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. the location of a new adventure game based on a plot by “thriller” made by Imago M, a company specializing in the creation of games with historical settings particularly detailed. It ‘was then launched on February 7 “Pompeii: mala tempora currunt”, a video game on the App Store version completely rewritten and optimized for iPhone and iPad.

The game refers to a game made in the late ’90s and that was quite successful for its quality among fans of this style of game. It ‘made in Italian and English, while the interface menu is entirely in Latin. Pompeii opens to the manufacturer, a long series of this style of App which will then be set in other Italian historical sites.

In this, 80 are the environments created, more than 30 characters, many original music with the dubbing of all entries. Annius, like “Secret Agent”, it is the main protagonist. He is incognito in the Vesuvian town. And there on the Emperor to investigate the initial turmoil of the population and to investigate the murder of his friend Lentulus, Pompeii earlier with his own task, but brutally murdered.