Pompeii, in March opened five new domus

scavi pompei

In mid-March, on the occasion of the exhibition “Myth and Nature” will open to the public five new homes in the archaeological site of Pompeii. It is those of Julius Felix, Octavius ​​Quartione, of Marcus Lucretius, the Orchard and Venus in the shell. The announcement, the superintendent Massimo Osanna, at the presentation of the exhibition “Egypt Pompeii.” “They will be open rolling – said Hosanna – because we can not always keep them open: deteriorate. They have to breathe.”

With new openings in the open area will be about 22 hectares, or half of the entire Vesuvian site.

The huge house of Julia Felix, a unique example of the luxurious “spa” of antiquity, but also the small and precious Domus orchard with its colorful frescoes or extraordinary gardens of Venus in the shell, will be joined by a whole host of new paths “theme” and the possibility of seeing human casts so far never exposed to the public.

Not only “Egypt Pompeii”, therefore, the great exhibition organized in collaboration with the Egyptian Turin and Naples Mann opens in excavations since April 16 with a theatrical setting of Egyptian statues in the Great Gymnasium. But since the spring, Pompeii is preparing to give to the many new visitors audience. And the open area will reach for the first time “about half of the 44 hectares excavated” of the ancient citadel.

“There’s never been to Pompeii a chance to visit so wide”, he stresses. Several homes that are reopened, and that will then be visited in rotation ( “We need to preserve our heritage, the crush is not good for the domus”), from that of Marcus Lucretius in via Stabia to the Imperial Villa. But the intention is to offer to the public also a higher number of casts of the victims (that will be initially displayed in a structure with large glass windows Door Amphitheatre) while in perspective, announces Hosanna, “there ‘ idea of ​​an international call to restructure the old stock of Maiuri inside the holes to make it the place to accommodate the casts together with the items you brought with them. “