Pompeii, an emotion…to the moonlight


Presented this morning by the President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca and by the Minister Dario Franceschini during the reopening of the Great Palestra of Pompeii ruins, the first edition of “Pompeii, emotion Night” evening visits, cultural events and multimedia contributions. From 5 August and until September 27 on the project to develop the Region of Campania made by Scabec (Society regional cultural heritage), which integrates with the initiatives of the Saturday night opening spirals from MIBACT (Night at the Museum) and offering to the public tourists and residents a new formula for living and know the archaeological excavations of the most famous in the world.

The program, funded POIn “attractors natural, cultural and tourism”, including walks in the ancient city, illuminated and made magic from art installations and a series of meetings with writers and cultural personalities from the world of art, of ‘archeology and communication. Evening walks, which will be organized into 6 groups of 40 people, with departures every 20 minutes (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday), involving a course lasting about an hour and twenty minutes, with the accompaniment of archaeologists and expert guides storytelling.

First stage of the route will be the exhibition of casts of “Pompeii and Europe 1748-1943”, within the pyramid of wood and metal, designed by Francesco Venezia. The visit will continue in the vineyards of the Forum Boario, where the group will meet the wine experts of the winery Mastroberardino, who for ten years has been working with the Department of projects of study of ancient crops and techniques for the production of wine in Roman times. After the tasting we continue on the path of Castricio along the Big Palestra and passes before the House of Ship Europe to come to the House of Menander. Then across the street Stabiana you come to the theater, meeting all’Odeion, the small theater.

To close the path will be, in fact, a light performance by the photographer Cesare Accetta by voice actor Enzo Moscato, which draw the public’s attention on the dramatic and extraordinary event two thousand years ago, recalling the destructive force of the Vesuvius and its great fascination, with quotes of famous travelers of the past. A shuttle bus will bring the participants at the entrance of the square Amphitheatre. The dates referred to the Grand Theatre are scheduled shows, those interested and with ticket, after the path will continue the evening by going directly to the bleachers. For the “Meetings” of “Pompeii, emotion Night” to be held in the Amphitheatre, the program includes six cultural events that will be inaugurated on August 24, the anniversary of the eruption, with the writer and journalist Alberto Angela. The project “Pompeii, emotion Night” will include the construction of a world to promote in Pompeii, not only as an extraordinary place of memory, but also as a striking container of cultural events and shows. To tell this novel Pompeii video will be directed by Pappi Corsicato that show the ancient city day full of tourists, that slowly turns becoming the sunset and then at night a magical place to discover.

A group of photographers will compete also in a gallery of images that tell an original and contemporary beauty of the ruins, to enrich the archive database of the Campania Region, made available to all operators and organizations engaged in promoting tourism in Campania .

Pompeii, emotion night
From 5 August to 27 September
Info and bookings call toll free 800 600 601 (mobile and foreign + 39 0639967650)