Open doors “by night” in the Museum of Terra Felix


As has become customary, this year the museum sites of Terra Felix join the “Nuit des Musees Europeenne“, the international event born in France and promoted by the Council of Europe in the 47 countries belonging to the EU, scheduled on Saturday 16 May. An appointment is particularly expected in the Old Continent, which enjoyed great success in recent years and that allows all participating museums open their doors to an unusual hour, giving, thus, to the public a unique opportunity to discover the wealth and the cultural value of its assets.

An authentic “rendez-vous” Moonlight (starting, in fact, to 20 and continue until midnight) to fully enjoy the space and the richness of our own museums, savoring the way exhibitions and spaces in an animated magical setting. Naples and the main museum sites in Campania, among which, at the time, stand out the Galleries of Italia in Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano and the Maritime Museum of Bagnoli (but the list is still being updated), could not be outdone with their rich art treasures full of history and culture. Ready to offer themselves to the eyes of visitors kidnapped with the unique charm of a “grand tour” by night that is beyond compare.