Trekking ubano in Naples, to discover the treasures of the Metro


From Boscoreale to Naples to discover the treasures of the Metro. Sunday, May 18th, the Pro site Boscoreale “La Ginestra” is organizing a morning of hiking in the urban city of Partenope. The appointment, for all participants, is at 10 am, in the central Piazza Garibaldi, right at the main railway station in the capital. Here’s scheduled meeting with the architect Paola Vitiello who will lead the platoon of visitors on the steps of an impressive “grand tour” that will lead them to discover the architectural and artistic wonders that are hidden in the belly of Neapolis. The program is the first visit to the Garibaldi Station. From here you will come to the station University Station and then stretch Toledo, declared by the international press as the most beautiful European stop of the Metro. In Toledo is scheduled to meet with the artist Achille Cevoli, author of “Men at Work” on display just in metropolitan areas of the airport. From Toledo to pass Montecalvario and from there to Materdei. The excursion will end at 13.00. For the participants, optional stage (choice), there is also a lunch at a pizza place in the area

Driving with “La Ginestra”: the art stations in Naples
By Pro Loco “La Ginestra” – Boscoreale (Naples)
Appointment: Circumvesuviana station Boscoreale 8.40 am
Departure by train: 8:51 a.m.
Meeting point: Piazza Garibaldi, Naples, 10:00 am
To participate is necessary to have the ticket
Reservations required: ph. 339.3849316 –