Fragneto Monforte, a country with its head in the clouds

Fragneto Monforte raduno mongolfiere

Ah, the hot air balloons! What a fascinating sight to see them fly up and coloring the sky with their designs and bright colors. Massive balloons powered by propane gas. And ‘Monteforte Fragneto the village ready to accommodate them. Vehicles of the old flavor that will meet for their XXVIII International Meeting on Thursday, October 2 to Sunday 5 The balloons will fly from the sports field of the Sunni village. It libreranno in heaven twice a day. Both at 7 am that at 17 o’clock.

History tells us that the first flight of a balloon balloon proven capable of transporting people on board took place October 19, 1783 in Paris, France. That was using hot air balloon to float in the air and was created to Annonay by Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier (hence the name hot air balloon). On that occasion the ball was “bound” to the ground and carried on board the scientist Jean-François Pilatre de Rozier, Jean-Baptiste Reveillon and Giroud de Villette. The first flight of the “free” happened about a month later, on November 21 1783.

A pioneer of aerostatic flight to Italy was, however, the Count Paolo Andreani, a descendant of the noble Milanese family-Sormani Andreani. Impressed by the Montgolfier brothers, the Count decided to replicate it in the garden of his villa in the countryside Moncucco Brugherio, commissioning architects Gerli the construction of a hot air balloon. On March 13, 1784 Paolo Andreani, in the company of Giuseppe Rossi and Gaetano Barzago, two workers who had participated in the creation of the ball, flew for almost half an hour, covering six miles and reaching a height of about 1,500 meters before landing near Hoofddorp.

The four days of Fragneto provides a varied program with lots of regional final of Miss World, puppet shows and art exhibitions. And for music lovers, is also scheduled performances by a string quartet with two sopranos.

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