Re Panettone doubles: weekend in Naples with the artisans of taste


Re Panettone® doubles. The only real big event dedicated to traditional leavened festive arrives for the first time in the South. Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 November, the Hall of Mirrors at the Grand Hotel Parker’s of Naples is home to the first edition of the famous Neapolitan and awaited event dedicated to panettone artisan of excellence, designed for the first time in Milan in 2008.

The festival brings in the capital of the South the great names of the national pastry, known leavening and authentic taste artisans including the great Anna Chiavazzo, pastry chef, chocolatier and specialist in natural leavened baked goods, as well as member of the National Women Some Wine. Each of the big present its productions, from classic Milanese panettone to the most original variants. The public will have the opportunity to taste and buy directly in the panettone for one price: 24 EUR per kg. All panettone presented are hand made, made without ingredients that artificially extending life (preservatives and mono- and diglycerides used by industry), or semi-finished as they relate to the production of handmade, omogeneizzandone flavors (dried yeasts and mix). The objective of Re Panettone has always enhance the naturalness, the quality, the freshness of the products of the one part and the technical ability and the creative originality of the other part of the craftsman. For this confectioners participants are selected after careful evaluation and sign a declaration in which they undertake not to make use of this type of ingredients.

Re Panettone Napoli was born from the Stanislao Porzio creator of Re Panettone and Donatella Bernabo Silorata, journalist and author of “The Panettone of the Sun“, and precedes two days in Milan on 28 and 29 November. For the first time, therefore, the event is organized in the South and in the Campania region because it is the area in recent years stood out in the production of high quality leavened.

The two-day Neapolitan provides moments of tasting, meetings with confectioners, thematic analysis and sensory laboratories. Alongside the display of leavened products, the wine bar by the Association of Italian Sommeliers Delegation of Naples offers the best national wines sweet, sweet and sparkling, in conjunction with panettone.

Sunday 15, the Hall of Ferdinand in the Grand Hotel Parker’s, has three in-depth meetings: 3.30 pm”Achille Zoia, the master of masters“, presents Stanislao Porzio, organizer of Re Panettone; 4.30 pm “Sal De Riso Alfonso and Pepe, the best seller of Campania“, presents Luciano Pignataro, The Morning; 5.30 pm “Mauro Morandin, son of art“, presents Donatella Bernabo Silorata journalist.

[charme-gallery]Re Panettone® NAPLES, first edition – Saturday 14 and Sunday, November 15
Location: Grand Hotel Parker’s, Vittorio Emanuele 135 Naples

· Hours: Saturday, November 14: from 11 am to 9.00 pm; Sunday, November 15 from 11 am to 7.00 pm.

· Free admission

· Sensory laboratories and guided tastings on the day of Sunday, November 15: free participation by reservation privileges at the desk hostesses

· To buy panettone at the event: the panettone can be purchased with the money of King cake that is the Pan-euro (1 euro equals 6 Pan-euro) purchased the speakers of the event.

· The tasting is free of charge upon purchase of a cup at a cost of 1 Pan-Euro