The state buys the royal palace of Carditello


Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.
Never said it was more appropriate as in the case of the Real Estate of the Palace of Carditello that finally back in the hands of the Italian state; soon given to  Mibac (Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività culturali e del Turismo)
Once signed an agreement for the return of the legitimate townhouse in the 700 to the Bourbons , we have to work towards the recovery of the eighteenth-century villa now in ruins and restore it to its former glory of which once enjoyed .
But let’s step back in history.
The sumptuous residence was designed as an eighteenth-century hunting palace for Charles of Bourbon by Francesco Collecini , the estate was home to a dynamic farm, with adjoining production and marketing of agricultural and dairy products .
Also favorable location , the complex is located near the town of San Tammaro halfway between Naples and Caserta , in the past the building Bourbon was the ideal place for the cultivation of grain and the raising of fine breeds of horses and cattle, as well as by Ferdinand IV of Bourbon.


So it was a real noble retreat in the countryside, to the point that boasts the title of
” Royal Treat” because , in spite of its function as a company , offered a pleasant stay to the king and his court to the particular hunting that many forests full of game allowed .

The idyllic situation began to deteriorate in the real site with the advent of World War II , when in 1943 it was occupied by German troops who established his command. , Whose vandalism contributed to increase the state of degradation .
Since then it has all been a decline , including unpaid debts , heirlooms stolen , mismanagement and neglect.
But now, finally, it seems that the first step to rebuilding the Versailles of Naples has been made , so that it can rightly return to its former beauty.

Real Reggia di Carditello
San Tammaro,(Caserta)