English Garden, re-opening of the ramp to the waterfall


Flowers, flowerbeds, rare plants. Charm of fields that seem to be sculpted. Once upon a time, there was an Italy made of gardens, a land of fabulous floral weaves. Rich in stories of nature. From North to South, the Italian Peninsula was so beautiful and lush that in the Nineteenth Century was known all over the Old Continent as the “Garden of Europe “. No better setting than the gardens of the Caserta magnificent architectural complex to make again the dreaming alive. The historic gardens, with their creations, the  mazes  situated between hedges and stone walls, the sound of the falls and the water games, live art symbols , are a fundamental component of the cultural heritage and landscape of Italy.

An heritage, that is still well alive especially in Campania where there are royal parks and ancient noble estates with original Eden gardens. From here the importance to protect , preserve and promote these corners of paradise , on one side represent a bridge to the past but on the other side are still among the most beautiful things that mother nature has been able to accomplish, with the solid contribution of human hands. And for this reason to reflect on the meaning of terms such as preservation, conservation and enhancement of today and tomorrow, in the vast complex of the Palace of Caserta, it’s held a preview of the International Biennial of Historic Garden whose first edition will take place in 2015 . Two days of discussion and debate ” between reason and feeling ” on ” gardens in Italy,” as the title of the convention. Theme of the event  : the romantic dream which, between the Eighteenth and Nineteenth century , has marked one of the most important seasons in the history of gardens. The two days of studies , promoted by the Superintendence for the provinces of Caserta and Benevento , by the University of Florence, from Florence Art and Restoration in Florence and supported by the Royal Garden Ltd. Maisto Antonio , provide a full schedule of speeches made by officials of the Superintendence , academics, representatives of public and private institutions working in the field and by professionals. Relations of experience and specific studies will allow to trace from North to South the entire peninsula on a fascinating journey that aims to dwell on issues related to the restoration , management and the current situation of the botanical component of these particular gardens.

Guided tour of the gardens. Today from 10 am to 13 the access ramp to the “Tower “, the charming street that leads up to the top of the famous waterfall , has been reopened. During the guided tour , you learned about Carolino Aqueduct from which flows the water that feeds the waterfall, captured directly from the springs located on Mount Taburno . For the occasion will also enjoy a guided tour to discover the most characteristic glimpse of the English Garden which also includes a tactile – olfactory sensory journey . Finally, we will demonstrate the herbarium accompanying the floristic list of the 103 species found in the bathroom of the Garden of Venus collected in the period from 18 May 2002 to 16 January 2003.