Agerola, three days of festivities for the feast of fiordilatte


If you go on holiday just those parts you will be lucky. Otherwise, go back and rush to pay tribute to this veritable jewel of the Earth Felix. Believe it: it’s really worth. What are we talking about? But Her Majesty the mozzarella! The main protagonist of the “three days” of the party scheduled August 2 to 4 in fraction Pianillo into the lush, cradle par excellence of the famous “white gold of the Lattari.” Candido and its fresh flavor, this delicacy that blooms from milk stains the tables around the world. You can find it in any combination: from the succulent baked pasta (with sauce or gravy) to the most popular sandwiches accompanied with meats of all kinds.

The mozzarella is different from the equally famous mozzarella, a little ‘for processing, but also for the origin of the milk. The mozzarella, in fact, is produced through the processing of buffalo milk mozzarella while in cows has its source of firstfruits. And to quote a historical fact, we reveal a curiosity. When in 1899 the pizza maker Raffaele Esposito, on the occasion of his visit to Naples of King Umberto I and Queen Margherita of Savoy, a tribute rulers of the newborn Italian state with what later became known as the “Pizza Margherita”, used their fiordilatte to make irresistible the famous tricolor disk. Fiordilatte Tramonti for accuracy.

And speaking of tasty pearl of Lattari, it should be noted as August 2 to 4, in the hamlet of Pianillo, in the municipality of Agerola, this genuine goodness of the table will be the center of mouth-watering menu which will delight the guests. A treat for Fiordifesta – the name given to the event, now in its 34th edition – will be tied to the “title” assigned to the various dishes that will be gradually offered to the participants. Will report, in fact, in the name of the particular references to local characteristics. Hence the starters “whims of the farmer,” or the first “fusilli the lookout.” At the table there will be the “bread from the field” as the “mountain agerolese.” And finally, the dessert space with the “baba of the basket.” You can wash it all down with good wine Furore, and listen to the last day of the event Monday, August 4, the long-awaited concert of Nino D’Angelo, in the leg of his tour to Lattari.

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