Santa Klaus in the running, along the shopping streets

xmas run

Just imagine thousands of Santa Klaus of all ages running of Music along the shopping streets glamour made ​​in Naples. Moreover, for a good cause. No sooner said than done. Sunday, December 14, starting at 9 from Martyrs’ Square, will kick off the colorful “Chiaja Xmas Run”, which will end in the same place at 11, with a lot of the podium presentation for the categories of women, men and baby. The unusual marathon, which will see all the participants, young and old, wear the traditional dress of Santa Klaus, will cross twice, via Carlo Poerio, via Carducci, wide Vasto Chiaja and vico Belledonne, only to find themselves at the point starting. For registration and withdrawal of the costumes you can go from Wys in Piazza San Pasquale 6/7, all’Oona the ourse in via Carlo Poerio 6 or in the gym Athenae in via dei Mille 16. The registration amounts to 10 ,00 euro: 5.00 of which will go to charity to Father Calogero, pastor of the church of Santa Caterina a Chiaja, which is home to dozens of needy every day at his table, while the remaining 5.00 euro will be used to grab the coveted swimsuit Santa Klaus.

So, what are you waiting? Warm up your muscles, enlivened beard and hat with pompoms and… games.