Pompeii ruins, restored fresco of Adone Wounded


In the archaeological site of Pompeii concluded the restoration of the fresco of Adone Wounded homonym house on the way to Mercury. The announcement will be made officially next Monday, August 24 when Alberto Angela will present his book “Three Days of Pompeii“. Just a portion of the proceeds from sales of the work of the journalist and writer, made available by the publisher Rizzoli and author, they have allowed the restoration of the painting, beautiful and rare megalography IV style depicting the Adonis dying in the arms of Aphrodite. The meeting with Alberto Angela, in the days of the anniversary of the tragic eruption in 79 AD, to be held in the Amphitheatre of the ruins at the first of the “Literary meetings” of “Pompeii, emotion Night” project enhancement of the Region of Campania made by Scabec (Society regional cultural heritage) that offers a series of events until 27 September. The project, funded with EU financial resources available under the Pon “Attractors cultural, natural and tourism“, includes a program of walks in the ancient city, illuminated and made magic from art installations and a series of meetings with writers and cultural the worlds of art, archeology and communication. Evening walks, which will be organized into six groups of 40 people, with departures every 20 minutes (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday), involving a course lasting about an hour and twenty minutes, with the accompaniment of archaeologists and expert guides storytelling. Each visitor will be equipped with an innovative lighting technology to “Firefly”, that will wear all the way to guarantee your safety, enveloped by the atmosphere of light installations. Collections of “Pompeii, emotion Night” will be donated to the Superintendence of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabia intended for restoration or maintenance of the site.