May 23, inauguration of the Museum of the Osservatorio Vesuviano


Will be held on May 23 the opening of the Museum of the historic Vesuvius Observatory, the first in the world, founded in 1841 by the will of kink Ferdinando II di Borbone of Two Sicilies. This was announced today the Director, Giuseppe De Natale, on the sidelines of a seminar that retraced the moments of the eruption of Vesuvius in March 1944. “The date was chosen to celebrate the closing of the year Mercalliano” explained De Natale stressing that on that occasion the Centre “will be awarded the accolade of ‘Historic Site of Science’ by the European Physical Society“. Recognition that today touches to many sites in Italy as the Villa of Galilei and the Fountain of Fermi. Located on the hill of the Salvatore, between Herculaneum and Torre del Greco, to 608 meters, the Vesuvius Observatory is located in an elegant neoclassical building designed by architect Gaetano Fazzini. Completed in four years, the Centre was opened in 1845 at the Seventh Congress of Italian Scientists and came into operation on March 16, 1848. Since 2001 is the section of Naples of National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology.