He turns to Sorrento “Master Pizza”, format of Alice Tv


It will be a real pizzeria of Sorrento overlooking the sea, location that will challenge shots of water, flour, oil, salt and so on and so forth, the 60 contestants of “Master Pizza”, the new format aired on the channel Alice, visible at 221, digital TV, which airs every Saturday in the early evening, at 21.30, starting from February 7. Over 300 types of pizza, 80 challenges, 22 episodes and many chefs and special guests for a competition between insiders, the first television entirely dedicated to pizza, which counts more than ever, the ability, the experience and the raw material used. Three judges of rank. Alongside the “wizard of pizza” Antonino Esposito, who “plays at home”, there will in fact two other well-known faces and beloved channel: Cristina Lunardini and Sergio Maria Teutonico. It’s up to them the task of scrupulously observe and evaluate the actions of pizza makers in the race, the number of which will be reduced gradually until the final which will crown the first Master Pizza of Italy. Absolutely impartial will instead Ivan Bacchi, host of the program, which will touch scan time explaining the evidence to which they will be called to undergo the competitors of the race.