Sorrento, reopens the Bastion of Parsano


In the city of poet Tasso, the Christmas has the flavor of ancient history. Since last December 6, in fact, and without interruption, until the day of the Epiphany, in Sorrento, at the Bastion of Parsano you can visit the complex of the Ancient Walls Viceregal and exposure of the masters of Sorrento marquetry in the spaces of the Multipurpose Center of Inlay. Residents and tourists can take advantage of it every morning from 10 am up to 1 pm and in the end afternoon- evening only on weekends, from 5 to 8 pm. In addition to the charming walk in the foothills of the Bastioni Parsano (with access from Via Serale) structure built in Bourbon period and that, ironically, is the only one still visible in its original context, you can also visit the premises underlying the characteristic Bastion, with access from Via Degli Aranci, where there is also the center inlay cured by Associazione Artigiani Intarsio Sorrentino.