Sorrento, tourists lined up to admire the ancient walls


Two months after reopening to the public on the site of the Ancient Walls – Bastion of Parsano, Sorrento, already has 6,163 visitors, including 1,481 Italians and 4,692 foreigners. These are the first data branched by the “Peninsula Felix Young,” which deals with the promotion and tourist and cultural site in Sorrento. “These figures – said Luigi Di Prisco, coordinator of the Cultural Association – reward the great efforts undertaken by the Associazione Peninsula Felix Giovani over time. Since its reopening on 15 April, we organized activities during the Easter Triduum, setting up the ancient ruins viceregal for the solemn procession of Dead Christ with suggestive torches. We also took 5 lessons on local history, addressed to delegations of pupils from schools present in the Sorrento peninsula as well as to certain groups of tourists. All this has been distributed to our care and expense, a copy of A3 color map depicting the Pachichelli Sorrento in the plane of the sixteenth century. These types of actions have been carried out in order to raise the quality the activity of our association within the historic site. “In short, tells the Association, will be held other important and innovative activities to Sorrento in order to enhance not only the site of the Ancient Walls but the entire city of Tasso.