Show at sunset on the crater of Vesuvius


A show at the top of Vesuvius. After the success of last year, also the 20th edition of the Pomigliano Jazz in Campania has chosen to organize some of its concerts on the crater of the volcano’s most famous world. Witness the event was also the occasion for a little hiking. The audience in fact, who was given an appointment in the square of Herculaneum in the 1,000 meters, then climbed walk the Great Cone, accompanied by volcanological guides, until you come to the brink of the famous crater. And at 1,300 meters, with a special view, it is staged an unprecedented live at sunset, with Maria Pia De Vito, known Neapolitan singer-songwriter, accompanied by lyrical trumpet Enrico Rava and guitar Roberto Taufic, born in Honduras, raised in Brazil but now lives in Italy. A concert impressive with classic Neapolitan tradition and Brazilian reinterpreted by the trio, and with influences of Afro-American music. Among the pieces in the lineup also “Lazzari FeliciPino Daniele. The Pomigliano Jazz, concerts, food and wine tours and tourism, exhibitions and performances, will go on in different locations until 13 September. Among the various stages stands out tomorrow, in the Cloister of the Shrine of Our Madonna dell’Arco in St. Anastasia, and Wednesday, September 2, with Steve Coleman and Five Elements that will perform in Cimitile, in the early Christian basilicas. For the full program click here.