Curtain up: in Elea-Velia be on stage the magic of the ancient theater

VeliaTeatro 2014

Back to August 4 to 16 on the acropolis of Elea-Velia Ascea (Salerno), the event “VeliaTeatro“.The 2014 edition of the exhibitio exhibition dedicated at the ancient theater is composed of six events (all at 21) in which to emphasize the power of the classics alongside reflection on the female. It starts Monday, August 4 with an evening of literature and performance. Before the meeting, titled “What was the Magna Graecia“, with Piero Di Giovanni, a professor of History of Philosophy at the University of Palermo. To follow, “Eros and Thanatos“, a lecture and performance with Serena Sinigaglia, in which the director and author talks about his path to the classics of the greek theater. Tuesday, August 5th, classical literature meets dance in “The Metamorphosis“. The transformation of the conflict, theater-dance inspired from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, presented by international production companies Borderline Danza (Italy) and Arabesque Dance Company (Vietnam), choreographed and directed by Claudio Malangone. Wednesday, August 6th at the scene of VeliaTeatro comes the comedy of Aristophanes “Lysistrata“, represented by the company La Mansarda adaptation of Roberto Sandias. Friday, August 8 another evening in shades of pink with “Phaedra. Law of love“, a show by Eva Cantarella, played by Galatea Ranzi, directed by Consuelo Barilari. The writer and classicist Eva Cantarella with a short speech entitled “Why Phaedra?”, Introduces the representation in which Galatea Ranzi is Phaedra, the Greek heroine who here makes icon of women’s claims, first the freedom to love and to choose. Wednesday, August 13 before a meeting with Giovanni Romeo, a professor of modern history at the Federico II University of Naples. And to follow, “Hypatia,” representation from the Book of Hypatia by Mario Luzi, directed by Roberto Zorzut. Historical and religious drama centered on the figure of the pagan philosopher victim of an extremist Christian sect in 415 AD In the last meeting of VeliaTeatro 2014 Saturday 16 August, the focus shifts to the universe of Dante in a suggestive interpretation proposed by the actor and author Matteo Belli, who brings to the stage “Now X: Dante’s Inferno“.