“Tombola literary”, the words… give numbers


Tell me what you pay, I’ll tell you what game sharers… If instead of the usual coins, you will use books to buy folders, for sure, you’ll be one of the lucky contestants of “Tombola literary” hosted Sunday, December 21, starting at 17.30, from the Center Italian via Santa Maria dell’Aiuto 17 in Naples.

An unusual event, free, organized by Librincircolo and Narrazioni, which comes mainly from the idea of combining the traditional Neapolitan game with creative writing. Each participant may, in fact, “buy” up to a maximum of three folders using the single currency trading book. Therefore, you can bring up to three volumes, carefully wrapped, which will become the prize of both, internal, quadruplet and quintet. Winning the lottery will remain, however, top secret until the award.

Continuing the theme, the raffle, will be interspersed with two moments of creative writing that will have as main constraint the subjects of Grimace extracted up to that point. Who will want also can read short literary pieces prepared before the meeting. The event will end, of course, an inevitable and good wishes toast.

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