Echoes of art iand fashion n the depths of Naples


Thirty meters to descend into the belly of Naples to discover the authentic places of history that meet those of Art .Among the passages of the former hospital of war Tunnel Bourbon of Naples , was held the third edition of the festival ‘s artistic and cultural devised by Louis Lieto advertising and organized by Visual Communication, for an evening in which “Art and fashion take shape”. It is a feast for all the senses that to which were invited the lucky participants who took part in the event.

It starts with an olfactory journey between different fragrances that takes visitors through the wide range of colors of the paintings by the artist Stefania Ciccarella aka ” Fix” , then continue with the original creations of Antonio Esposito that retrieves the raw material of stone and gives the soul , shaping through fascinating shapes and shades. Furthermore, we highlight by contrast the ancient walls of the gallery, the paintings ironic that bear the signature of Antonio Sullo.


By crossing the narrow corridors of the former military viaduct between car and finds the remains of statues, you can relive the atmosphere of Naples wartime through photographic images in black and white by Gianluca Minin , together with Enzo de Luzio president of  cultural association Bourbon Underground .

Space is also fashionable with the leaders from the retro flavor of study Mangini , worn by curvy mannequin on the notes of the musical performances performed live gave a display of great class and elegance. And since the palate wants its part , could not miss the delicious taste of the oriental taste of Japanese sushi, prepared on literally ” living tables ” of human bodies. All wrapped from the privacy of masks, strictly worn by bystanders of the unusual feast.

The common denominator of the many performances that took place was the value of creative intelligence , sponsored by Valeria Viscione , creator of the experimental art project “Visual” that makes the famous landmarks important showcases for the promotion of art and culture of the region Campania.

Tunnel Borbonico

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