All in pairs on the waterfront for the Race of Love

la corsa dell'amore

Put on Valentine’s Day, thousands of couples, boyfriends, lovers or acquaintances, united to participate in a fun competition. Add a touch of originality in the set, which will go from jeans to shorts through uniforms, masks or costumes. Shake well and then pour on the waterfront in Naples. Et voila “The Race of Love” (registration and race pack: 5 €), a relay of hearts in pairs or looking… Rental, young or olders, who will start Saturday, February 14, at 11, Via Partenope (info -start point c / o Hache). Lots of prizes for couples faster and slower, for the most bizarre, for the bravest, the most loving, the most athletic, the most advanced in years, the most ironic, the most gourmets, the most daring, the most exotic. For them, a romantic dinner by candlelight with a “night of love” in one of the most prestigious hotels of the promenade, spa and beauty treatments for two, spa stays, runner outfits and so on and so forth.

A move even more the race, the dj-sets with Mario Bianco and Marta Mirandola of Radio Club 91 in voice plus Chicca Fusco & Salvio Parisi of LavDav.

So, what are you waiting? Started to warm up the muscles and to choose the oufit… the rest will follow!!!